Architect MNAL - Partner
(+47) 993 57 146

The DnB central building in Bjørvika or the OCCI development in Ullern would not be a reality without Gerhard’s leadership. His journey at DARK has been deeply connected with the development of some our biggest and most complex projects. Gerhard graduated from NTNU in Trondheim 1993. He also exchanged one year at the Deakin University in Geelong, Australia. Besides DARK, Gerhard worked with several other offices such has Mellbye Arkitekter, Artic Arkitekter or Kramm & Strigl in Germany. Since Gerhard loves a good challenge, he is currently leading the Ruseløkveien and Løren Grønn Portal teams confirming his engagement with complex projects. He is a partner at DARK since 2006 and the company's Managing Director since 2016.