Architect - Partner
(+47) 932 31 574

Erik is one of those rare architects that combines a true dedication for architecture with a passionated interest in football, or more precisely Premier League. Lucky for him, he is not the only one at DARK. Not at all. 
Being one of our younger architects, Erik is challenged to challenge us to develop and his fresh approach influence the quality of the DARK processes, making us better and keeping our combined, creative curiousity alive.
Erik graduated with a Masters degree from NTNU, Trondheim in 2015, but we met him as a student when he was an intern at DARK. After one year of internship, we were very impressed and decided to make sure his talent didn´t slip away! And here he is. Erik works on a variety of projects, from urbanisme to hotels and he loves the rush of adrenalin from participating in competitions.